“Love is as necessary to human beings as food and shelter”  – A Chinese fortune I’ve been carrying around in my wallet for months

12/18/10 Growing up in the suburbs of Long Island, New York, America you think love is what happens in a relationship between two people who are sexually involved. Its what’s in the movies and on hallmark cards at valentine’s day. You hope for it and you seek it. And you don’t find it. Many people I know have searched long and hard and have not found this treasure labeled “love”… and even some of those who think they have found it are clinging to an illusion which may likely wash away with the next storm.

Tonight I experienced love. And it’s not any of those things. Love is the people in your life who know just what you need by looking at you. Love is meeting a person and within moments giving them 20 minutes of bodywork for free (thank you to a man who introduced himself as Hanuman). Love is seeing someone you once felt rejected or repelled by – reflecting yourself in their eyes and connecting. Love is the chance exchange of mala beads with a teacher and friend you just met days ago (thank you Lila!). Love is the support of a community, a surrogate family if your family could not provide the love you needed. And loving yourself means allowing yourself to be vulnerable enough to need these people and allow them to find you, guide you, and love you.

At last nights Acro class we worked with the “power of three” as there were three teachers. Lila said, “three is a community, two is just a line.”

At the end of tonight’s holiday party/yogi gathering/bodywork &dessert/late night kirtan…Adam looked at the clock and said “well, it’s tomorrow” and we all giggled and then went our ways. As I walked to the train, I thought, what a funny thing to say because it can’t ever BE tomorrow. Tomorrow is just a mental construct of what is to come. It can only be today, it can only be this moment. And that is love. And it is very necessary.


2 Responses to “love”

  1. 1 Matt December 21, 2010 at 10:08 pm

    Rock on girl keep on loving and continue to be loved ❤ so much love to you 🙂

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